Tub Reglazing & Other Home Painting Tips

Posted by Wes Lipscombe Wes Lipscombe

Make sure your home looks its best at the same time reflects your personality and taste. The decor scheme of each room varies and it is all up to you to decide how you want it to look. When was the last time you painted the inside of your house? Are you getting tired of the colors on your wall? Well, you know what to do! Repaint and redecorate! It is probably a great time for change. If you have painted your house before, then you probably know how comforting and happy that feels. 

While painting the walls of your house can be a DIY, bathroom redecoration is different. You will need the assistance of professionals for a tub reglazing and tile refinishing.


As a full time painter and a part time canvas artist, I wish to share some home painting tips and tub reglazing with you. There are a lot of ways to beautify your home and that includes painting. So we do not get lost, let us discuss these by sectioning the house. 

Living Room

Go light and neutral. If you wish to repaint the walls of your living room. Choose a light and neutral color. This is the part of the home where you relax after a long day while watching your favorite TV show, so choose a color that is relaxing as well. By choosing a light or neutral color, you will create a relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, neutral colors blend easily with furniture and other home decorations placed in the living room. You can also hang new blinds or new curtains. Shop for new blinds and curtains. You will be surprised how much your living room will change after getting these new stuff. You can also hang family pictures. 


Try temporary paint. If you are the type of person who likes to keep on changing the ambiance, you can use temporary paint on your walls. Temporary paint is the most practical solution for your love of changing decors most of the time. These are adhesive wall coverings. You do not need to spend too much time painting and drying because you just stick them on the wall. When you finally feel the urge to change the color, you can just peel everything off and put a new color! 


Choose your favorite color. Paint your walls with your favorite color because this is your personal space. Do not hold back in expressing yourself. If you wish to go for a bold and striking color, go for it! If you also like painting on canvas like me, you can make your wall a canvas. Paint a scenery that you wish to always see, or paint your favorite character. Whatever it is you wish to paint, as long as you will be happy having it in your bedroom, do it. 

Check out wallpapers. For some, a solid color in a bedroom is a bit boring. If you like having patterns on your wall, you can opt to choose wallpapers. Spice up your wall with beautiful prints and patterns. 


Paint and reglaze! Painting a bathroom is a bit different from painting the other areas of your house starting off with the paint. Because the bathroom is a place where too much water is involved, you might want to use a special paint which is known as “bathroom paint.” If you do not want to get that, then you might want to consider getting an expensive high quality brand of paint. Choose the color that will match the color of your toilet, sink, and tub. 

If you are doing a bathroom makeover, you do not just paint the walls, but you also do tub reglazing and tile refinishing. Tub reglazing is like putting a new nail polish on your nails. Your tub will once again look good and new! This is something done by professionals and not a DIY thing. For tub reglazing and tile refinishing, you can contact this tub reglazing Cambridge MA company, as they do good work. If your existing bathtub is still in good shape and is only covered in minor stains, scratches or other surface imperfections, then reglazing is a good option for you. The most affordable bathtub renovation is reglazing. Another thing is that it is a quick fix! It usually only takes a day to complete so it will not disrupt your routine. 

Kitchen and Dining Area

Half and half! I recommend painting the walls by half and half. Use the two tone paint technique to have more colors that will vibrantly refresh the ambiance of your home. Use a light or neutral color on the higher half, then choose a vibrant color for the lower half. You can also opt to choose darker colors on the lower half especially in the kitchen. The reason for that is because something might be spilled over the wall in the kitchen, or a dirty hand might accidentally touch the wall causing a stain. If you have a darker color on the wall, the stain will not be noticeable. 

Over All Tips

After giving you painting and decorating tips for each section of your house. Here are the do’s and don’ts that you should take note while redecorating the rooms of your house. 



Plan and choose a color. Imagine how you want it to look like when it is finished. Consider the house area you wish to repaint when choosing a color. 


Wait for dry weather. Avoid painting on a rainy day because humidity causes slow drying. It is recommended to paint on a sunny day. 


Sand away flaws. To have a perfectly painted wall, make sure you sand to have smooth walls. 


Buy the high quality supplies. Do not compromise the quality of your brushes, rollers, or paint. You will regret that sooner or later. Get the best supplies for a better result. 


Cover the furniture. Ideally, everything is moved out of the room when you paint the walls. However, if there are instances that you cannot move them out. You can cover the furniture and place them in the middle of the room. Just cover everything you do not want to be painted. 

Determine how much paint you need. To avoid unnecessary expenses in getting too much paint, measure how much paint you will be needing for the area you wish to paint. 


Use a primer. Contrary to popular belief, a tinted primer is suggested rather than a white primer. Prime the walls before painting with the finishing color, this is to avoid having a flat, dull look. 


Use canvas drop cloths. Do not use old bed sheets as drop cloths. Most bedsheets are thin sheets and these will not stop the spilled paint to splatter on your floor. Canvas drop cloths are not slippery and will absorb the splatters. 


Finish one wall before starting another. Get a seamless look focusing on one wall at a time. 

Box your paint. Although you are getting the same colors, these same colors may still vary per can. That is why you need to box your paint. Boxing is a process of mixing all the paint you will use in a 5-gallon bucket. This is to ensure the consistency of color on your walls. 

Wash cover rolls. Before using the cover roll, wash it first with water and soap. This will remove the fuzz in the cover roll. You do not need to wait for the cover roll to dry after washing it, you can use it right away. 


Take off switch plates. Instead of taking too much time to put tape on them. Just remove them. 


Light up. You might miss a few spots especially if the area you are painting is not well lit. It recommended that you use a work light for painting walls. 


Paint from top to bottom. Use a brush for the edges for your ceiling then use a roll over to paint downward. 




Do not let your paint dry out. If you are not using it, then seal it with a cover. 


Do not use masking tape. Get a high-quality tape intended for wall paintings. Use a putty knife or a mini scraper when putting the tape. Do not use your fingers alone. 

Do not skip on preparation time. Make sure you plan and you know how much paint you need. 


Do not paint without a primer. A primer covers flaws and gives you a quality and long-lasting finish, so use a primer. 


Do not paint aimlessly. Do not paint in all sorts of directions. It will look bad and you might miss a spot. Paint from top to bottom. 

There you go! Those are the tips I can give you for tub reglazing and painting your home. Do not forget to express yourself in decorating and painting. You deserve to have a wonderful home and that includes maintaining the beauty of it!